Choreography Workshops

We will be having a choreography workshop August 5th-9th.  During this time you will be learning technique and competition dances, so if you are unable to attend you cannot participate in the competition class.  Times will be given ASAP.  Please notify us of any practices or schedule conflicts that week so we can set your class time accordingly.

Starting the week of August 12th all competition class will begin meeting one time per week, on Wednesday or Thursday evenings.


We will have a dress rehearsal at the Elida Elementary School for all our competition dancers.  They will rehearse in costume, full hair and make-up.  Parents or family members can sit in the audience and take photos or videos.
Date: Saturday, February 15, 2020
Place:  Elida Elementary School  
Time: 1:00 (start time)- 4:00.  When your dancers are done you are free to leave.
All dancers wear your own tan tights.  We will give new tights to classes after dress rehearsal.
Order for dress rehearsal 2020
1.  Tiny Class (wear your own pink tights.  We will give you new tights after rehearsal)
2.  Hip Hop
3.  Junior Jazz
4.  Mini Tap
5.  Senior Jazz
6.  Teen Jazz
7.  Junior Tap
8.  Mini Jazz
9.  Senior Lyrical
10.  Teen Lyrical
11.  Junior Lyrical
12.  Senior Tap
13.  Teen Tap
14.  Contemporary
Competition Schedule 2020 
1. Dance Prodigy Competition         Lima Civic Center      Sunday, February 23, 2020
2.  Cathy Roe Unlimited   Mason                          March 13-15        Mason High School
3.  Energy Dance              Toledo                          March 27-29      Maumee High School
4.  On Pointe                   Columbus                     April 17-19       Upper Arlington High School
***Tiny Competition Dancers will be in all the competitions.