Nutcracker All Jazzed Up

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Ticket Sales
Friday, November 29th ~ 5:45-8:00 pm
Saturday, November 30th ~ 12:15-2:15 pm
You may also sign up to work backstage during this time.


Show Date: December 22, 2019    ~  1:00 and 5:00 pm

Lead Role Rehearsals:

11-23-19 ~ 9:00-9:45 Angel Court
12:00-1:00 Reindeer, Elves, Clowns, Doll, Clara


Act 1 –  Wednesday, December 18th rehearsal begins at 6:00 (except dance #7, You begin at 5:00).  You may leave when your role is done

  1. Overture
  2. Party Scene ~  Party Guests & Clara
  3. Drosselmeyer’s Gifts ~ Doll-Clowns-Soldiers-Prince-Elves-Drosselmeyer
  4. Departure of Guests & Magic Hour Begins ~   Clara-Drosselmeyer-Elves-Party Guests
  5. Lullaby ~ Clara
  6. Battle of Mouse Queen & Nutcracker Prince  ~ Mice-Mouse Queen-Nutcracker Prince-Soldiers
  7. Journey through the Snow

              5:00 Rehearsal for 1:00 Cast            5:45 Rehearsal for 5:00 Cast

Angel Court & Angel Queen, Little Angels, Sugar Plum, Clara & Prince

  1.  Sleigh Ride ~ Reindeer, Clara, Nutcracker Prince
  2. Waltz of the Snowflakes ~ Fufu, Icicle, Caribbean and Snow Queen, Clara, Nutcracker Prince


Act Two – Thursday, December 19th rehearsal begins at 5:00 with Finale ~ We will run in order of the dances after we do Finale at 5:00.   You may leave when your role is done

  1. Arrival in the Magic Land ~ Clara, Prince
  2. The Gift of Mischievous Children ~ Happy Kids
  3.  The Gift of Sweets ~ Peppermint Court
  4. The Gift of Coffee (Arabian) ~ Arabian Princess & Coffee Court
  5. The Gift of Chocolate (Spanish) ~ Hot Chocolate
  6.  The Gift of Beauty: Waltz of the Flowers

Wildflowers, Daisies, Red Roses, Pink Carnations, Lilacs, White Rose Queen, Dew Drop Princess

  1. The Gift of Tea (Chinese)  ~ Chinese Princess & Tea Court
  2. The Gift of Romance  ~ Love Duet
  3. The Gift of Mystery: ~Sugar Plum Fairy and Sugar Plum Court
  4. The Gift of Children ~ Mother Ginger & Her Children
  5. The Gift of Laughter (Russian) ~ Rockettes
  6. Finale      5:00 pm Rehearsal for Finale ~  Entire Cast



  1.  Overature
  2. Party Scene
  3. Departure- Lullaby- Battle
  4. Journey Thru Snow


5.  Little Angels

6.  Reindeer


7.  Snow Scene


8.  Winter Mischief

9. Peppermints and Candy Canes

10. Arabian


11.  Hot Chocolate- Spanish Dance


12.  Waltz of the Flowers


13.  Chinese Tea

14. Sugar Plum


15.  Romance Duet


16.  The Gift of Children


17.  Russian Rockettes 


18.  Finale


2019 Lead Role Cast~

Clara- Madie Brinkman (Both Shows)

Mouse Queen – Megan Sealts

Prince –  Erin Mulcahy (1:00 show)         Mary Kelly Mulcahy (5:00 show)

Romance Duet: Carrie Heider, Delaney Dafler

Angel Queen –Taylor Wisser

Angel Court

Ava Lyons, Amaleigh Monaghan, Leona Swickrath, Emma Largent, Catherine Myers, Margaret Hoch, Paige Harris, Madison Shepherd, Paige Haman, Ava Frueh, Chloe Parent

Arabian Princess – Lauren Chaney

Chinese Princess – Abagail Largent

Dew Drop Princess – Kami Moening

White Rose Princess –Kayla Frost

Snow Queen – Kylie Colwell

Sugar Plum Fairy – Payton Hollar

Doll –Lauren McGue

Clowns – Ella WarringtonAddalynn CoxLily WhittakerMarah Bell

Reindeer Court-

Jadin Miller, Selah Green, Lydia Frost, Lauren Voice, Laney Scheckelhoff, Delaney Wintersteller, Addyson Lauck

Candy Cane Crew-

Ashlyn Jolliff, Parker Stewart, Zoey Miller, Alexa Heffner, Genevieve Chongson

 Junior Peppermints-

Addy Depalma, Claire Donaldson, Ryen Cunningham, Abby Dubuque, Alex Dubuque, Grace Shoemaker

Peppermint Court-

Lucy Bensinger, Addie Wilver, Isabelle Gibson, Kiara Cage, Kayleigh Gibson, Lyla Hurst, Kaleigh Coffman, Grace Shoemaker

Mother Ginger – Paige Bartels

Elves (1:00 show) – Braylie Bensinger, Alana Heffner, Clara Chongson

Elves (5:00 show)- Jency Moore, Madalynn Nolte, Giana Cage


Nutcracker Class Role and show time:  

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