Studio Policies

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Dance Wear: Dance wear is required for all classes. In all classes hair should be securely pulled up off face and neck. Dance buns may be required. No sweatpants, sweatshirts, or other baggy clothing are permitted in any class.

All dancers must own at least one, plain, solid black leotard that they may be asked to wear to class or other events for special circumstances.”


  • Ballet/Pointe Class: Leotard (pink or black recommended) and tights only. Ballet skirt if you choose.
  • Tap/Jazz Class: Solid color leotard (pink or black recommended) and tight. Jazz pants or form fitting shorts and form fitting tank tops may be worn on top of leotard and tights unless teacher instructs otherwise.
  • Modern/Contemporary: Solid color leotard (black or pink recommended) and tights. Jazz pants or form fitting shorts and form fitting tank tops may be worn on top of leotard and tights unless teacher instructs otherwise. Barefoot.
  • Clog/Hip Hop: Comfortable, form fitting dance or movement attire.
  • Toddler/Pre School Dance Classes: Leotard and tights. Dance skirts (attached to leotards), tutus (attached to leotards), or form fitting shorts worn on top of leotard and tights all acceptable.
  • Acro/Tumbling: Leotard or Biketard and Sturrip tight or footless tights. May wear shorts over leotard.  Barefeet.

Dance Shoes required by class (2023-2024):

***Please only keep dance shoes in your child’s dance bags. Please do NOT store street/outside shoes, jackets, and other items in dance bags. This clutters the bag. You may keep these items in the waiting room areas of either studio A or B. Thank you.

***Preschool and kindergarten dancers should only have buckle tap shoes. Please no lace up/tie tap shoes for preschool and kindergarten dancers. Older dancers may wear lace up/tie tap shoes if they are able to tie them well.

Recreational Classes

  • Toddler Tot (GIRLS): pink leather ballet slippers.
  • Toddler Tot (BOYS): black ballet slippers.
  • Preschool classes: black buckle tap shoes, pink leather ballet slippers.
  • Kindergarten/1st Tap, Pre-Jazz, Ballet: black buckle tap shoes, pink leather ballet slippers.
  • 2nd/3rd-4th Tap, Jazz, Ballet classes: black buckle or lace up tap shoes, tan slip on jazz shoes, pink leather ballet slippers.
  • 5th-6th/7th-8th/High School Tap, Jazz, Lyrical classes: black lace up tap shoes, tan slip on jazz shoes, pink leather ballet slippers.
  • Kindergarten-4th Hip Hop/5th-6th Hip Hop: tan slip on jazz shoes (dancers may be required to purchase dance sneakers for Hip Hop classes and performances, if instructed by their teacher).
  • 7th-High School Hip Hop: Hip Hop dancers may wear tan jazz shoes, clean, indoor only sneakers, or barefeet to class until they are instructed what shoes are to be required for performances.
  • All clogging: black lace up clogging shoes.
  • High School modern/contemporary: barefeet, unless instructed otherwise.

Competition Classes

Please note that these are the current dance shoe requirements for competitive classes. Although we plan to stay as true as possible to these shoe requirements they are subject to change as the 2023-2024 dance year progresses and costuming decisions are made.

Mini and Petite Competition Tap/Jazz/Lyrical:

  • Tan Bloch Tap Flex lace up tap shoes
  • Tan slip on jazz shoes
  • Nude canvas ballet slippers

Junior Competition Tap/Jazz/Lyrical:

  • Tan slip on jazz shoes
  • Nude canvas ballet slippers
  • Tan Bloch Audeo or Sync lace up tap shoes (different style than last years tap shoes)

Mini/Junior/Teen Competition Hip Hop:

  • Hip Hop sneaker provided by Miss Lyn

Teen Competition Tap/Jazz/Lyrical:

  • Tan slip on jazz shoes
  • Nude canvas ballet slippers
  • Tan Bloch Audeo or Sync lace up tap shoes

Large Group Senior Competition Jazz

  • Tan slip on jazz shoes

Small Group/Large Group Senior Lyrical

  • Leather turning shoes

Small Group/Large Group Senior Contemporary

  • Bare feet

Large Group Senior Competition Tap

  • Black Bloch Audeo or Sync lace up tap shoes


The studio may not close for snow days/other weather regardless of area school closings, as many times the roads are clear and safe by 2:30 pm. If in doubt, call the studio one hour in advance of your lesson for a voicemail recording on whether or not class will meet. Please also refer to emails sent out by the studio as well as social media posts to stay up to date on potential class cancellations.


Attendance is taken at each class and recognition will be given for perfect attendance. This award will be given to students who miss zero classes the whole year. There will be no excused absences. Good attendance is imperative, as absences and tardiness can hold back the entire class. Please make the extra effort to have your child at every class.
Classes during the last four weeks of the dance year and all rehearsals are mandatory to perform in the Spring Dance Recital. This rule also applies to performances of The Nutcracker and any other studio performances.

Studio Correspondence

Most studio correspondence will be sent out via our email system. To subscribe to studio emails, please visit the following link:

We also post information shared in emails on our Lyn’s Academy of Dance social media pages.

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Lyn’s Academy of Dancers STUDENTS AND PARENTS ONLY should send a friend request to the PRIVATE Facebook page “Lyn’s Recital.” This page is EXCLUSIVELY for dancers and parents. This page will be used mainly for posting videos of choreography for The Nutcracker, our Spring Recital, and other performances that students can practice with at home with. All other information will be on our public page.

Payments/Monthly Tuition

Monthly tuition is to be paid by or at the first lesson of each month. Monthly tuition remains the same whether it is a long (5 week) or short (3 week) month, and regardless of absences.A late fee of $5 per week will be charged if tuition is not paid on time.

***April and May (full amount for April and 1/2 for May) tuition is due the first week in April, paid in full before Spring Recital costumes are passed out.

Cash or check payments: please have the cash in a sealed envelope with the dancers name on the outside. Please drop tuition payments in the “Payment Box” in each studio waiting room. Our payment boxes are locked.

Credit card payments: we accept Visa and Mastercard for all studio payments: tuition, costume fees, competition fees, recital tickets, etc. Each credit card transaction is subject to a transaction fee.

Lyn’s of Dance will automatically charge credit card on file for any payment that were not paid by their due date.

Credit card payments can now be paid online through your Jackrabbit portal. You may pay partial or full payments at any time! Your Jackrabbit portal can be accessed on the bottom of our website homepage.

IF YOU ARE UNSURE OF WHAT A FEE IS FOR ON JACKRABBIT please click on the individual fee. From there, more information should be provided, including type (tuition fee, recital fee, etc.) and sub type (the month the tuition fee represents, the month costume fees are due, etc.). Further information may be provided in the notes by Miss Lyn as well. If this is not working on your phone you may want to try checking on a desktop or laptop computer. If you are still unsure, feel free to email the studio or call and leave a voicemail and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Jackrabbit DOES NOT automatically charge credit cards when fees are due. You must MANUALLY charge your credit card each month/each time fees are due. You must run credit card payments yourself.

Costume Fees

Spring Recital costume fees are approximately $80.00 per class you are enrolled in, or your instructor may inform you of different amount. This fee includes costume, tights, and any props. Spring Recital costume fees due by December 4th. Nutcracker costume fees are due October 31, 2023.

Registration and Digital Download Fee

Each dancer is charged $40.00 at registration which includes registration fee, recital t-shirt, access to all recital music, rehearsal choreography, and digital copies of Nutcracker performances (during a Nutcracker year – every other year) and Spring Recitals. Additional dancers in the same family are $10.00 per dancer.  Your registration is not complete until this fee is paid.  If you have credit on your account we will use the credit for your registration fee.


Please feel free to discuss any questions or comments with us, either by appointment or privately after class.